Review of “He Said, She Said” by Erin Kelly


This was definitely an interesting book , and it surprised me with its ending. I don’t want to brag, but I can usually predict endings to mysteries and thrillers once I’ve read the book halfway.  However, this one took a turn that I didn’t expect.  The middle of the book did get tedious, and I thought that the book was disappointing by then. It started off with a bang, but then the plot got mired in eclipses, pregnancy and legalities.  The protagonist , Laura, is real and likeable, and I felt that she did the right thing despite others warning her against her actions.  The plot is also true to the time, especially with the recent #MeToo media attention. However, do I recommend this book?  Despite the waxing and waning of the plot in the middle, I do recommend it.  It’s a page turner, and the format of the back and forth between the past and present keeps the reader interested.

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