Review of the Great British Baking Show 2018 Final


I love this show!  This is the latest season that is streaming on Netflix right now.   Netflix has followed up on this season with holiday specials (the holiday Baking show is a no-miss one as well) but if anyone out there is a baking or cooking show fan, this is the show for you!  You are going to fall in love with the bakers, especially the three finalists.  What makes the British Baking show different than the ones you see on the Food Network is the camaraderie and genuiness of the hosts and the contestants.  I feel that most of them are honestly nice people and “real”.  The judges, Paul and Prue, are also true professionals and don’t put on a comedy act.  The hosts, on the other hand, do provide a comedic break amid the baking tension, and they come across as loveable and supportive of the contestants. The contestants don’t seem to put on any fake personas just for the sake of TV.  They are on the show due to their love of baking, and at the end, they seem to have formed a “family” of sorts.  Of course, there are some contestants that you relate more to than others, but that goes with any TV show.  After watching a few of these shows, don’t be surprised that you are going to hit your kitchen ready and willing to bake a few dozen pies and cakes!  This show brings out the baker in everyone!

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Review of “The Passenger”

passengerThis is definitely a page-turner.

My attention was grasped almost immediately at the writing style. Lisa Lutz is one talented author.  She develops the mystery behind the main character (Tanya-then Amelia–then Debra) so well that the reader gets confused as to who she really is and what is the reason for her running away from her true identity. Some of the supposedly passing characters do make an appearance towards the end of the book which adds to the complexity of the plot.  The reader gets caught up in the plot and the mystery behind the protagonist’s “passage”, and it makes the book an engrossing read.  Recommend.

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Review of “He Said, She Said” by Erin Kelly


This was definitely an interesting book , and it surprised me with its ending. I don’t want to brag, but I can usually predict endings to mysteries and thrillers once I’ve read the book halfway.  However, this one took a turn that I didn’t expect.  The middle of the book did get tedious, and I thought that the book was disappointing by then. It started off with a bang, but then the plot got mired in eclipses, pregnancy and legalities.  The protagonist , Laura, is real and likeable, and I felt that she did the right thing despite others warning her against her actions.  The plot is also true to the time, especially with the recent #MeToo media attention. However, do I recommend this book?  Despite the waxing and waning of the plot in the middle, I do recommend it.  It’s a page turner, and the format of the back and forth between the past and present keeps the reader interested.

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