Review of “The Breakdown”


This was an amazing book!  It wasn’t so much the writing style as the plot that really grabbed my interest.  I simply could not put the book down since I found the main character, Cass, so empathetic and interesting. The use of dementia, murder, and marital issues all in one plot is definitely a reflection of how talented the author is.  I found this novel so much more interesting than her first one, “Behind Closed Doors”.  Albeit “Behind Closed Doors” was good in its own right, “The Breakdown” was definitely more of a page turner for me.

The main character, Cass, is a teacher and newly married to Michael.  The book is told from Cass’ perspective, and the reader is able to get a first hand view of Cass’ relationships with friends, colleagues as well as her husband. The reader also is able to feel her fear about a recent murder that occurred near her home. All in all, without adding in spoilers (which is so hard to do!), I highly recommend this novel!//

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