Review of AJ Finn’s “The Woman in the Window”


This novel is a page-turner!  This was my first A. J. Finn novel and it definitely will not be my last! I enjoyed the writing style and the twists and turns that kept me wanting to read to the end.  If I didn’t value sleep so much, I would have stayed up to try and finish this book in a single night.

The author really described agoraphobia in realistic detail; I feel that I can empathize with people inflicted with this disease now that I have seen it from the main character’s, Anna Fox’s,  perspective.  It is interesting to discover how the main character developed the disease and how debilitating it is. The novel touches on alcoholism and isolation as well. However, the beauty of how AJ Finn depicts these issues are woven in a thrilling mystery plot that engrosses the reader.

Anna Fox , due to her agoraphobia, spends most of her day viewing her neighbor’s activities and happens to see a horrific event.  What unfurls is a series of plot twists that keep the reader guessing. Highly recommend.


Review of “In The Woods” by Tana French


This was my first novel written by Tana French that I read.  I finished it last night, and it was a good read. However, I felt that the reviews caused me to have high expectations that were not met.  The end was a great segway into the next novel of the series, but I was hoping to have the ending tie up all the loose ends.  Now that there is a “cliffhanger”, so to speak, I am looking forward to the next novel.

The writing was excellent, and I really felt that Tana French developed her characters , especially the main one of Detective Ryan, extremely well and did not leave out any details. I felt like I was inside Ryan’s head and understood his flaws and intricacies of his personality.  He was not very likeable but this is what made him “human” in my eyes.

What I did not like about the book was the fact that the ending (or the the solution to the mystery) was not as exciting as the clues leading up to it.  The first half of the book was definitely more enthralling than the second half. What made me finish the book was simply to find out “whodunit”, but, needless to say, I was disappointed with the lack of thrills towards the end.

All in all, I do recommend this book, but don’t believe the reviews stating that this is the “one of the best thrillers” this year.

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