Review of “Broken Girls” by Simone St. James


This was an enticing page-turner that kept me wanting to read it to the end.  It did get slow at some parts in the middle of the book, but the mystery about a ghost and a murder made me want to finish it.  You can read it in one night if you were dedicated and had the time, but it took me several nights to finish it.  There is something flawed about the book that I simply cannot put my finger on—-it was a page turner but it didn’t excite me as much as other thrillers that I have read in the past.  I thought that the intertwining of the Holocaust was a nice touch by Simone St. James, but I thought that the ghost story was a bit over-kill.  Maybe it was the unrealistic hauntings that made me not want to grab this book every night before bed; I am not usually a fan of ghost stories unless they are the focus of the book.  This book had a ghost haunting more of “an aside” from the main plot of the book, and it took a while before I realized that the ghost really didn’t have much to do with the main plot.  The love story between Fiona and her police boyfriend was realistic in the sense that it was both flawed and true.  I thought that both of them were made for each other, yet the love story was also a side story.  The main plot was more of a “who-done-it” of the murder of a girl found buried in the grounds of an old school that was being renovated.  What brings Fiona into this mystery is that her sister was also found dead on the same campus many years ago.  All in all, I recommend this book; it is well written and the characters are believable. If you can get past the ghost interlude, this is a book worth reading.


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