Review of the start of Season 3 of ABC’s “American Housewife”


If you are a parent, this is a great TV show for you to unwind after a long day. I’m not sure about the appeal to the teens/children , but every parent will get the jokes and the laughter at the day-to-day ups and downs of parenting that the show highlights. The main actress is Katy Mixon who plays character, Katie Otto, a hilarious housewife, now turned working mom this season, who “tells it like it is”.  The family is middle class but lives in a high income suburb for the school district, and the son’s (Oliver played by Daniel DiMaggio) best friend showcases the economic differences of the Otto family and most of the kids at the neighborhood school.  Katie is mom to three fun kids, each with  entertaining personalities (especially those of Oliver and Anna Kat) and also plays wife to loveable, patient husband, Greg, played well by Diedrich Bader. Greg also has his own idiosyncracies.  I feel that these unique traits of the family members and how Katie deals with them are what makes the show so real.  An added twist to the show’s storyline is Katie’s daily breakfast with the “girls” played by hilarious Ali Wong (the rich and eccentric Doris) and Carly Hughes (the faithful friend and lesbian Angela).  The side tracks that involve Katie re-hashing her latest problems with Dora and Angela are a hoot to watch.

The latest season , number three that began in September 2018, shows the hard transition of Katie going from stay-at-home mom to a working mom now that her kids are older.  She loves her job as an event coordinator, but also depicts the guilt that almost every mom has about not being home enough for her children.  The support that Greg gives Katie is perfection, almost unrealistic to be honest, and her work-life balance seems a bit uncomplicated compared to most moms in reality.  However, that being said, this is a sitcom, and no one wants to see a struggling working mom on TV when they have played one in reality all day.  American Housewife is entertaining and makes me smile throughout the show which, I believe, is the point of watching TV at the end of a long day.


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