Review of Hallmark’s “Garage Sale Mysteries: The Pandora’s Box Murders”


This is a fun series if you haven’t seen an episode yet.  The plot is always intriguing and the characters pull you into the series.  The main character is played by seasoned Hallmark actress, Lori Loughlin, and really gives the role a lot of clout.  She plays vintage and antique store owner Jenn Shannon.  Her store partner and best friend is played by Sarah Strange, and they show a fun rapport.  What gives Jenn’s character believablility is that she is an everyday woman, wife to a sweet engineer played by Steve Bacic, and mom to two “kids”, teenaged son Logan and college graduate Hannah.  Her chemistry with her husband and children is down to earth and “real”.  I enjoy the way the stories are written to involve both Jenn Shannon’s work life as well as her home life in order to showcase a true working mom’s day (although most moms don’t find murders on a regular basis).

This particular episode was interesting in that it focused on puzzle boxes.  Jenn’s antique store and her vintage finds are the topic of a reality show being filmed in her town.  The reality show’s producer wants to focus on the puzzle box that was recently loaned to Jenn to decipher from a prominent town citizen.  The town citizen ends up being the victim of a murder, and Jenn decides to help find clues in order to solve the murder.  She has an almost sisterly relationship with the local police chief , and together, they discover the link between the intriguing puzzle box and the murder.



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