Review of the Halloween Baking Championship opening episode , 2018 season


This is the new season of the Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship; it premiered this month of September 2018.  The judges are the same as last year–Carla Hall, Zac Young and Lorraine Pascale.

I enjoy the new faces of the bakers, and they seem to be very talented.  The show does a great job centering each of the bakes around Halloween themes and even putting amazing Halloween decor in the background.  During the pre-bake, the judges are in their everyday clothes, but they change into Halloween costumes that vary week by week for the second round.  Some of the bakes the contestants come up are a bit “gruesome” like the orange goo flowing out of a cockroach chocolate shell, but they are consistent with the show’s Halloween theme.

As exciting as it is to find out who wins and loses every week is finding out what type of costumes the judges will wear.  The makeup artistry and costume department behind the Food Network is amazing.

I enjoy Carla Hall’s judging since she is honest and doesn’t seem to want to conform to the other judges’ opinions.  Lorraine is honest as well but is a tad hyper-critical, especially of the “look” of the baked goods instead of the taste.  Zac Young doesn’t seem to keep up with the knowledge base of Carla and Lorraine and instead appears to be more of a “funny guy” , producing puns and funny anecdotes that really should be more of the host’s job.

If you are a fan of Halloween and enjoy baking competitions, give this show a try.  I think you’ll enjoy it. It doesn’t hold a candle to the Spring baking championship or the Holiday baking championship but is a nice way to fill up the interlude that is October in the baking world.




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