Review of “Now That You Mention It” by Kristan Higgins


So, the big question is, do I recommend this book?  Hmmmm…I’m not really sure.  I love this author, and really enjoyed her prior books.  They were light, fluffy and put a smile on my face and in my heart.

This book was a deviant from her usual writing style.  It did address deep issues such as home invasion, family dynamic issues, romance, and high school angst.  Despite the main character, Nora, being a physician, she didn’t seem to come across quite as independent a character as I had hoped. I also never connected with her in a way that I have with other Kristan Higgans’ characters.  Nora , who is in a romantic relationship with an egotistical, self absorbed guy named Bobby (another reason that gave me pause in connecting with Nora), is attacked in her home.  That traumatic event causes a dent in her relationship with Bobby.  Yet another traumatic event, a hit by a truck when leaving the hospital one night, leads her back to her hometown in Maine where she spends the remainder of the book healing her relationships with her mother and niece and forming new ones.  There is a new romance between Nora and a high school classmate, Sullivan,  (brother of a boy who was Nora’s high school crush and fellow competitor for a college scholarship), but the history between Nora and her new beau’s brother makes the relationship weird.

All in all, this was one of the first Kristan Higgins’ novels that I didn’t relate to and didn’t feel like reading it again for the second time.  There were two animal injuries (one of Nora’s mother’s beloved pet bird and the other of a car-deer episode) that didn’t have any relevance to the book and seemed distasteful.  The episodes, although minor in the novel, seemed out of place in a book where the main character absolutely adores her pet dog.  Also, the relationship between Sullivan and Nora seemed forced.

Don’t recommend.


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