Review of the fictional novel, “Blue Labyrinth”


This is the fourteenth novel in the Agent Prendergast series.  To be honest, this was the first one that I read of the series, so I didn’t have the same familiarity with the characters as Pendergast fans.

The book begins with a dead body showing up on Pendergast’s doorstep, literally, followed by a chase led by the discovery of a turquoise stone in the deceased’s corpse. Pendergast is being targeted by a murderer who wants revenge, dredging up Pendergast’s morbid family history.

This book, all in all, was entertaining and a nice thriller; however, it didn’t make me want to read the prior ones in the series. I have read other, better thrillers in the past from different authors , and these other thrillers had captured my attention more so than this novel.  I feel that my main mistake was to start reading a book in the middle of a series rather than starting from the beginning, but I feel that a truly well written and exciting thriller should have the stamina to stand alone.

Don’t recommend unless you are an avid Pendergast fan.


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