Review of Hallmark’s “Pearl In Paradise”


Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha star in this Hallmark movie with an exotic setting. Alex Anderson, played by Jill Wagner, stars as a disorganized yet talented photographer looking to make a promotion at her magazine.  Kristoffer Polaha stars as Colin Page, a once best selling author of the novel “Pearl in Paradise” about a Blue Pearl in Fiji; he is looking to find inspiration for another bestseller.  They are placed together when Alex, deciding to look for the mystical “Blue Pearl” on the island of Fiji, discovers that Colin is the only person who knows where it is located.  Alex wants to write about the Blue Pearl since her magazine is looking for a cover story for their 30th anniversary, and pearls are the traditional 30th anniversary gift for couples.

Alex contacts Colin’s new hyper-aggressive agent to have Colin be her guide to help her find the pearl and take photographs of it. It would be a win-win situation for both sides, since Alex would get her promotion and Colin would get the publicity of writing the cover story for her popular magazine.  Colin agrees to the set up although he doesn’t really know where the Blue Pearl is located but he figured he would do enough research to find out where it is truly located.

All in all, I loved the scenery of this Hallmark movie, especially since the movie showed the natural beauty of the island.  The movie minimized the focus on resorts and beaches and instead I was exposed to waterfalls, hiking, history and gorgeous fauna indigenous to Fiji.  I wished there could have been better chemistry between the main couple, but the story line and backdrop made up for it. I recommend this movie, especially if you have the travel bug!



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