Review of Netflix’s “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”


OK, I decided to watch this Netflix movie because I had fallen in love with its other teen rom-com, “To All The Other Boys I’ve Loved Before”.  However, this movie ended up not being in the same league despite having the same actor playing the male lead (Noah Centineo).  By the way, if you haven’t seen “To All the Other Boys I’ve Loved Before”, you must see it and check out my review!

Sierra Burgess is A Loser has the typical Cyrano De Bergerac type of plot but it falls flat.  There are no surprises to the plot, although the actors did a great job making the most of their one-dimensional characters.

I didn’t feel the connection with Sierra, and even though I wanted a “happily ever after”, the ending seemed a bit forced to me.  I think the movie’s strength lies in the friendship that develops between the “bitchy cheerleader” Veronica (played well by Kristine Froseth) and Sierra Burgess (played by the cute Shannon Purser”.  This friendship seems so unrealistic in the high school popularity ladder, but the interactions and heartfelt conversations between the two truly depict what friendship is all about.  This true friendship development made the “back stabbing” plot twists towards the end of the movie seem pointless and immature; I’m not sure what the writers were aiming for with those developments, but I wanted them to focus more on how Veronica and Sierra tackle  society’s assumptions about “popular” high school girls.  The movie does show how cheerleaders are people too, but it doesn’t seem to care about how the male lead is treated by both the girls.  I felt that the deception of Jamey (played by Noah Centineo) by both Sierra and Veronica was childish and seemed inconsistent with Sierra’s character.  I was actually surprised that Sierra kept up the deception with Jamey for so long. For a girl who is supposed to be smart, mature, and kind, her communication with Jamey felt juvenile, even for an adolescent high schooler.

All in all, I would give this movie a miss unless you had nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday.


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