Review of Hallmark’s “Morning Show Mystery:Murder on the Menu”


Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has come up with another series based on books co-authored by television personality Al Roker.  The main character, played by Holly Robinson Peete, is Billie Blessings, a smart and savvy restauranteur, chef and TV cooking show personality.  Billie has the bad luck of being in the area when a dead body is found in the trunk of the car of a guest on her TV show.  She ends up being caught in the middle of the drama of accusations, so Billie then takes it upon herself to find out who the true killer is.  Notable personality and former athlete, Rick Fox, plays the police inspector (“Ian Jackson”) as well as Billie’s love interest.

This second installment of the mystery series is an interesting who-dun-it and certainly has the Hallmark typical feel of romance in a mystery film that lacks blood and gore. I think that Holly Robinson Peete plays the role of Billie well, and the chemistry between her and Rick Fox is certainly palpable.  Rick Fox , when playing the police inspector role, acts well and is believable, but I feel that he plays the romantic angle around Billie a bit too forced.  His smiles appear to be fake, and I think he is better meant to play a non-romantic focus.  I enjoy the rapport between Billie and her aunt and her restaurant’s main chef, Maurice.  Her aunt and Maurice comprise Billie’s “family” , and I enjoy this aspect since many people in the real world form their own “families” through co-workers and extended relatives.  Like the prior installment, Al Roker does make a guest appearance.  This particular episode did have a complicated ending, but it kept the viewer guessing as to whom the real killer was.  All in all, I recommend this mystery movie series for cozy Sunday nights at home with the family.



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