Review of “Head Over Heels” by Jill Mansell


I really enjoy Jill Mansell novels! This one is one of her best to date.  When you finish reading this novel, you can tell what a great writer she is.  She manages to tell several romantic tales in one book , and they are all intertwined with one another.  The novel tells tales of relationships that involve age differences, infidelity, teenage crushes, a marriage between a straight woman and a homosexual man, a man who is an avid “womanizer”, and even a transgender former male!  I was pleasantly surprised at how Mansell addressed these issues in an engaging manner that kept me turning the page to find out how each romance ended!  The main romance centered around the re-kindling love between a single mother Jessie (whose son is in his early 20s!) and a married movie star, Toby.  While that romance was definitely fun to read about (and how I loved Jessie’s moral attitude towards family and children), the relationship that was dear to my heart involved Drew and Lili. Lili is a married mother of three (although married to a cheating scoundrel), slightly frumpy and an animal lover.  Drew is a veterinarian, younger than Lili, and single.  The romance that blossoms between them is cute and feels very real.

All in all, if you are interested in romance, I highly recommend this novel. It is realistic, contemporary yet has that wonderful, heart-warming “happily ever after” ending that most readers crave!


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