Review of “To All The Boys I Have Loved Before”


Usually, I don’t tend to watch YA movies, but this one had been receiving some good press and I wanted to watch something on Netflix while I did my morning elliptical at the gym. I decided to give it a try for a few minutes, and was planning to find something else if it didn’t catch my interest.

Boy, was I wrong. Not only was the movie funny and romantic, but it actually is one that I want to see again. It brought me back to my high school days and the innocence of romantic crushes.  The character of  Lara Jean (“LJ”) , played by the talented Lana Candor, was fantastic and truly depicted the persona of a “sweet, innocent” high school girl , and the character of Peter Kavinsky (played by the accomplished and handsome Noah Centineo) was, despite being depicted as a jock initially, the epitomy of the guy that any girl would want to date.   Each of the characters were well played, and the main couple had incredible chemistry that any viewer could see right off the bat.  I enjoyed the tangle of the love triangles, the show of family love and trust, as well as the love and trust that develops in a relationship, albeit a young one.

The best scenes were the ones of Lara Jean and Peter simply talking to eachother.  The viewer could feel the connection between them and could see how they were slowly falling in love even though they may not be realizing it at the time.    It was a heart warming film , and I have almost nothing negative to say about it (that may be a first for me!).

If you are looking for a romantic film, this one ranks as one of my favorites which says a lot since I am picky about which romantic movies I recommend.  Five stars!


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