Review of “The Diva Cooks Up A Storm”

I enjoy Krista Davis’ books. She has two series that I am reading right now. One is the “Diva” series where the word “Diva” is in every title. This series centers around Sophie along with a cast of characters based in Old Town Alexandria in the metro Washington DC/northern VA area. Sophie is an event planner, but it seems that she is truly a domestic goddess, the way Krista Davis describes her in every page!  No matter what the occasion or event (i.e. murder, power outage, neighbors can’t sleep, etc.), Sophie always seems to have homemade goodies ready in her fridge along with gourmet coffee or cocktails.  She always seems to dress her tables with fresh tablecloths and matching placemats.  Her  “Martha Stewart-like” domesticity is very amusing, but as long as you can overcome that bit of unrealism, the series is quite cozy and engaging.  Each book centers around a mystery, and Sophie with her quirky yet loyal set of friends engage themselves in unraveling the clues.  What’s even more interesting is that Krista Davis pits Sophie against a neighbor named Natasha who is even a more perfect hostess/entertainer than Sophie; Natasha is painted as an extremist hostess who must have everything in her home (and in her friends’ homes) “perfect”.

Despite Natasha and Sophie’s unaggressive “rivalry”, I enjoy the various recipes that are listed at the end of the book and their descriptions.  The reader can definitely learn a thing or two about hosting just by reading this series.

However, despite the hosting background, the mysteries in this series are fun.  In particular, this mystery is more interesting some of Davis’ prior ones due to the involvement of numerous potential suspects.  I usually can predict the killer , but this one took me for a loop!  This mystery involves the complexities of divorce and even child custody, second marriages, corporate partnership, and the disease of hoarding.  All of these topics are nicely touched upon in as “cozy and light” a manner that one can bring to these serious topics.

I think this is a fun series, and this book is a nice read.  You do not have to read this series from the beginning.

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