Review of “The Wife Between Us”



This book is definitely a page-turner.  After one twist was revealed, I figured that the book wouldn’t have any more surprises.  Boy, was I wrong.  I enjoyed getting surprised while reading the book , and, especially towards the end, I truly began to like the main character, Nelly.  This book, like several others with “wife” in the title, does center around spousal abuse , but I found Nelly’s character to be stronger than most.  Her strength wasn’t revealed to me until further on in the book.  At first, she appeared to be weak and clingy, making me not like her at all.   As I read the book further, I realized that her “bad” traits per her husband’s perspective were actually common ones among young women.  No women is perfect, and the authors lead the readers to realize that.  It’s refreshing since the book embraces flaws of human beings.  It also focuses on how men can turn abusive and how certain men with their own flaws cannot accept flaws in others.  This book is a great choice for discussion among book club members, and it is an easy read.  An avid reader can easily read it over a weekend, but be aware that you lose sleep trying to discover the twists!


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