Review of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To The Altar”, a Hallmark movie


Hallmark has done it again with a great series, Signed, Sealed and Delivered. I have to admit that I was late to hop on the Postables bandwagon, but I am enjoying catching up on the seasons. The latest installment of the series was the movie, “To The Altar” focusing on Norman and Rita’s upcoming nuptials.  The writers intertwined wedding planning with a mystery of finding the long-lost owner of a wedding dress that was discovered in a box at the post office.  The Postables’ quest to return the property to its rightful owner was enjoyable and expected.  However,  I also enjoyed how the writers brought light to the topic of mental illness; it was refreshing and heart felt.  The movie ended with romance and an unexpected proposal as well!  I highly recommend this movie for the fans of the Signed, Sealed and Delivered series as well as those who haven’t started watching the series yet but are fans of other Hallmark channel series.


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