Review of “English Tea Murder” by Leslie Meier


There is something about London….the shows on the West End, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards….I can go on and on. When I picked up a copy of the “English Tea Murder” at the library, I was excited to read a cozy mystery set in England.  I usually tend to gravitate towards British authors for some unknown reason—could it be imaging the quaint towns that typically form the setting, the attractive English accent, drinking Earl Grey tea and buttering yummy scones?  I honestly have no idea why I tend to enjoy British authors but their novels do take up a decent percentage of my reading list.

That being said, I also enjoy Leslie Meier’s novels.  Her protagonist, Lucy Stone, is someone that a lot of mothers can identify with; Lucy is a mother of four, a dog owner, a wife to a restoration carpenter and a part time reporter. She lives in the small town of Tinkers Cove in Maine, and the author Leslie Meier does a fine job introducing the reader to Lucy’s small town life and her group of friends.

This mystery takes Lucy to London with her group of friends where she is, yet again, enthralled by a murder “close to home”.  The reader follows Lucy down a path of clues and findings that help to discover the murderer along with becoming familiar with London and its neighboring countryside.

I enjoyed this novel, but it is part of the cozy genre.  Therefore, please don’t expect a pulitzer prize winning literary novel.  Great, easy read.


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