Review of Hallmark Channel’s “Love at Sea”


Well, I have to start with this ….for those of my readers who will not tolerate anything negative said about a Hallmark film, this review may not be for you. I generally love Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones.  They are my “go-to” movies when I am up early in the morning exercising or wanting to take a break in the evenings. There is always a happy ending, and a blend of family drama and romance in the storyline.

I have to say that “Love at Sea” was disappointing. It ended like a Hallmark movie and it also tried to bring in the Hallmark-usual family dynamics and romance.  However, this is where the movie failed in its quest to join the ranks of the other Hallmark summer movies.

I am surprised that it made the line up of Hallmark’s “Summer Nights” since the quality was very different from “A Summer to Remember” and “Love on Safari”.  The two main stars are actually a married couple in real life.  I figured that their chemistry would be natural based on their real life marriage.  Instead, the relationship between them on screen seemed more forced.  The movie ended up being one big commercial for the cruise ship Harmony of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. The cruise ship looked spectacular in terms of the activities, deck ocean views, zip line, miniature golf and the poolside bars.  The movie definitely made the viewer want to take a cruise but didn’t engage the viewer in the movie storyline.  The relationship between the Alexa’s mother and her new beau seemed to be an after thought of the writers, and the ending seemed very rushed.

All in all, I don’t recommend this movie since it below Hallmark’s typical summer line up standards.


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