Chesapeake Shores—the O’Brien family is back!

chesapeakeshoresI’m so happy that the Hallmark channel renewed the Chesapeake Shores series!  I love the O’Brien family and their closeness.  The family is inspiring in their relationships and openness with one another.  Nell, the grandmother, seems to be the glue that holds the family together despite tragedies (their mother leaving them at vulnerable ages) as well as joys (new jobs, new relationships, great-grandkids).  The director has taken the Sherryl Woods series and has further managed to make the characters endearing to the viewer.  Rather than only focusing on the relationship between older newly-divorced daughter (and mother of two young girls), Abby O’Brien, and her boyfriend/musician Trace, Abby’s sisters and brothers are also brought out into the spotlight.  I actually find the stories of Bree, Jess, Connor and Kevin more enjoyable and real.  The writers tackle topics such as military PTSD, divorce, business politics, and various occupations such as running a bookstore, being an author, and running a B&B with aplomb and freshness.  The only negative aspect of the series, which isn’t really too much of a negative, is the continuing drama between Abby and Trace.  They obviously love each other, but the time and location constraints of Trace’s musical career continue to hinder their relationship. I  agree with grandmother Nell saying that it’s not how much time you spend with each other but how you spend the time that counts.  Looking forward to Sunday nights on the Hallmark channel this month!


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