Review of “Summer to Remember” on the Hallmark Channel

Summer-RememberAnother cute Hallmark film!

Of course, like all Hallmark movies, the ending was predictable and the storyline didn’t have any hidden twists.  However, the scenery and setting of the island of Fiji was simply breathtaking!  It was the perfect backdrop for the romance between the two main characters, Will and Jessica, played by Cameron Mathison and Catherine Bell, respectively.  I have enjoyed these two actors in other movies that they have starred in (although not together), and was looking forward to seeing if they could actually portray a good chemistry together in this movie. I shouldn’t have been surprised, since they formed a great pairing.  The attraction between the rigid doctor and the carefree resort owner was almost natural.  Catherine Bell always seems to exude an air of calmness and serenity, and Cameron Mathison also appears to be laid back in his many roles.  I enjoyed this film and felt that it was a nice relaxing way to end a busy work day.  Prop your feet up, grab a hot cup of chamomile tea and set your TV to Hallmark this evening!


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