The Food Network Star 2018 Finale


So, were any of your surprised at the outcome of the finale this past weekend?  SPOILER alert***.

To be honest, I think the finale of the Food Network Star, every season, is really a bunch of hype and filler before the last few minutes of the show when they finally reveal the winner.

I was rooting for Christian and wasn’t at all surprised when he was one of the chosen two.  However, I was honesty shocked that Jess Tom was the other winner.  She actually wouldn’t have made it to the final episode without Star Salvation giving her another chance.  Wow!  How life changing was Star Salvation for Jess Tom!?

I felt that if the Food Network was going to choose two winners, I would have chosen Christian and Manny instead of Christian and Jess.  Manny is definitely the more likeable of the two, and seemed to have a great handle on food knowledge.  His dishes looked mouth watering, and, again, I’m not sure if the network wanted a different type of cuisine in their line up which is what Jess Tom offered.

Jess also has great food knowledge, being a food novelist, and her dishes appeared right up my alley since they had an Asian twist (me being a huge fan of all Asian cuisine!).  Jess also appears to be very polished and has an elegance about her persona. However, Christian has the down home personality which was hard to beat.

It is going to be an interesting year at the network–I wonder which shows are going to be added to the line up staring Jess and Christian?  I hope Manny will also have a side spin-off opportunity from the network and will also be able to grace our televisions with his warmth and fuzziness!  winners


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