Review of “Love on Safari” on the Hallmark channel

loveonsafariThis is a great movie on Hallmark’s “Summer Nights” line up. It stars Jon Cor and Lacey Chabert. Lacey plays Kira, a character who is straight-laced and almost “boring” lives in Chicago.  She hears that her uncle passes away, leaving her with an African wildlife reserve as an inheritance.  She used to spend time at the reserve when she was a child, but as she grew older, she somehow lost her adventurous streak.  Returning to Africa, she falls in love with the staff at the wildlife reserve as well as the animals, especially the elephants.  She meets Tom, one of the head wildlife reserve conservationists, and they share their love for the reserve.  Despite having a boyfriend, Brad, from Chicago, the viewer can see the chemistry developing between Tom and Kira.  Kira does not want to end up selling the reserve to an entrepreneur who may not have the best interests of the reserve at heart.  Brad, on the other hand, can’t wait for Kira to leave Africa and go back to her humdrum life and actually betrays her trust by going behind her back to the entrepreneur to expedite the sale of the reserve.

This movie was a delight to the eyes!  I loved seeing all of the wildlife and the scenes filmed in the reserve.  The safari slant to the story was unique to Hallmark, and I enjoyed watching the different animal species in their natural habitat!  The storyline was also enjoyable, and the two actors played their roles naturally.  Highly recommend!

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