Review of Hallmark Channel’s “Yes, I Do”


The Hallmark channel movie, “Yes, I do” was like eating a sugary hot fudge sundae—the end result sput a smile on my face even though both have empty calories!

I think the main actress endeared me to the movie.  I enjoy Jen Lilley, and her character, Charlotte, was as cute as can be !  It wasn’t a typical Hallmark movie where the main character falls in love during the movie; instead, Charlotte is already happily engaged to a wonderful man, James, played by Marcus Rosner. They are in love and enjoy a great chemistry together except for one major hiccup.  Charlotte has left James at the altar not once, but twice.  She apparently is “allergic” to weddings and can’t gear up the nerves to go through with the ceremony despite the fact that she is head over heels in love with the groom!  This issue is a tough one for the view to wrap her head around, but, as I said, Jen Lilley’s cuteness and chemistry with Marcus Rosner propel the viewer to watch the movie in entirety.

Charlotte makes  “to die for” chocolates, and a side story is how she is in a contest for “best chocolate” in her hopes to win a storefront in Times Square.  The judge of the contest is gorgeous Jessica Lowndes , playing the character of Nicole. Not only is Nicole the chocolate contest judge but also an ex-flame of James.  Nicole apparently wants to win James back, even if she has to stab Charlotte in the back to do so.

“Yes, I do” is a fun movie with a unique subplot.  It’s a great time-pass for an evening after a hard day at work or a hard day at home dealing with young kids and pets!


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