Review of Katie Fforde’s “A Perfect Proposal”




For those readers who enjoy British chick lit, I think this book will be right up their alley.  It is well written in an easy-going manner, typical of most Katie Fforde fictional novels and is centered around a budding romance between an independent, loveable heroine and a stoic hero.  Katie Fforde develops her main feminine character, Sophie, in a very detailed manner but leaves a lot to be desired in the protagonist’s love interest, Luke.  I identified with Sophie’s trusting personality as well as her drive to be financially independent even when lacking the traditional academic skills.  However, I could never see why Sophie was so attracted to Luke.  Luke is described as good looking and wealthy but that is where the attributes seem to end.  His personality is as dull as dishwasher.  His grandmother, Matilda, is the reason that Sophie and Luke end up meeting, and she also is behind Sophie’s adventures in both New York City and in Cornwall.  Moira ends up being much more likeable than Luke, and it is interesting that the author delineates the lovely personalities of the side characters of grandmother Matilda, the B&B keeper Moira, Sophie’s uncle Eric, and even Sophie’s mother.  However, she keeps Luke one-dimensional.

Outside of this one flaw, the book is a nice, cozy read, perfect for a cold winter’s night by a fireplace.  It has the skill to transport the reader to the warmth of the English countryside and even to the glamourous side of New York City.  It is not a book of thought provoking conflicts, so it would not be the right choice for a book club.  However, it is perfect for a read after a long day at work and after putting the kids to bed.  Highly recommend to put a smile on your face!



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