Suits–the new season 8 on USA


I don’t know how many of my readers watch the series, “Suits”, but I highly recommend it!  It’s probably what the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle (wife of Prince Harry) is best known for, and it’s a fantastically written series.  Outside of regular use of cuss words, the show is very well written and engages the viewer in complex law and corporate cases with the added bonus of soap opera-like drama and relationships.

I admit that, with every season, some of the dialogue gets a bit redundant as the writers struggle to keep the characters fresh, but , all in all, the show hits the mark every time.  I was worried when Patrick J. Adams (Mike, one of the main characters) and Meghan Markle (Rachel, Mike’s love interest) left the show at the end of last season.


I wasn’t sure that the characters of Donna, Harvey and Louis could carry the show on their shoulders.  The chemistry between Mike and Harvey seemed to be the main foundation of the show.  Boy, have I been proven wrong this season.

In enters Katherine Heigl.


Katherine plays the character, Stephanie Wheeler, a no-nonsense aggressive attorney who seems to be a “Super Donna” like character.  She seems to match Harvey’s wit and assertiveness but still has an air of mystery that hints at more to come.

The past two episodes of this season have introduced new characters and expanded on previous minor characters who are now playing more meatier roles in this season.  I am looking forward to more of Stephanie Wheeler as well as more of the new managing partner , Robert Zane (who plays Rachel’s father).

If you haven’t gotten hooked on Suits yet, now is the time!  Highly recommend! Click // to catch up on the first seasons.


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