Review of the book “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant”


I will admit it—-I am a finance junkie, albeit a complete novice.  I have started to take an avid interest in the stock market (especially investing in index funds–see my review of John Bogle’s book next!), crowdfunding real estate opportunities, real estate syndication, and ultimately the goal of financial independence.  I follow several finance blogs, and one such blog recommended this book as part of their reading list for finance newbies like myself.

I was excited to read it, since I had heard so much about “Rich Dad”.  His earlier book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” seemed a bit basic for me, so one of the blogs I followed recommended this one as the next step in my reading library.

I started reading the book from page 1, looking forward to finding out exactly how Robert Kiyosaki made his millions. Ultimately, I was disappointed.  The book does offer great advice, but it offers it repeatedly. It seems that every chapter of the book concentrates on the Cash Flow Quadrant ,and which part of the quadrant the reader should belong to in order to attain financial independence, over and over again , albeit in different forms.

After reading the first chapter, if you understand the gist, there is no point in reading the entire book.  If I were the reader, I would move on to the next advanced book in your financial reading library such as what index funds to invest in and how to invest in real estate rather than this book on finance philosophy.

If you do want to give the book a try, please click on the link //


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