Review of “Perfect Bride 2: Wedding Bells”


June 2018 was “Wedding Month” on the Hallmark Channel.  One of the most anticipated movies was the sequel to the original “Perfect Bride”, starring Pascale Hutton (character Molly) and Kavan Smith (character Nick).  I really enjoyed “Perfect Bride” and how it made the viewer think about how real relationships are not perfect but are instead full of flaws.  This sequel shows the viewer that even the relationship from the “happily ever after” ending in the first movie has its share of bumps along the way.  Nick, a photographer, and Molly, a fitness instructor, are happily dating but are going through stressful career changes.  Molly wants to purchase a gym, but needs the equity from a loan in order to make the purchase go through.  Nick is swamped with working on his first art showing.  In the middle of their career stresses, Nick proposes to Molly.  They are planning to have their wedding later on in the year, when things settle down, but due to a mishap, their ideal wedding venue is only available in a few weeks.  They now have to plan their wedding at the same time as dealing with their jobs!  What adds another bump on their road is that Molly ends up taking a loan to purchase her gym from none other than her ex-fiance.  Her ex and Molly end up spending a lot of time together, and even though Nick is understanding, the viewer can tell that the reappearance of the old boyfriend is causing relationship tension.

Despite all the conflicts, Nick and Molly do end up up with their “happily ever after”.  I actually enjoyed this movie since it was a bit different than the other typically saccharin-sweet Hallmark movies by showing real conflicts and feelings such as jealousy and insecurity in relationships.  This is another Hallmark “feel-good” movie but with great acting and a good story line.


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