Review of Mission Impossible — Fallout


Ethan Hunt is at it again, along with his IMF team in a super fast-paced movie full of action and thrilling stunts.  The sixth part of the Mission Impossible franchise is the best one yet.  Tom Cruise is simply ageless as he pounds through the streets of Paris on, not one, but two separate, high speed motorcycle chases and performs an unimaginable helicopter climax scene.  Reports have stated that Tom Cruise even broke an ankle  jumping from rooftop to roomtop during an on-foot chase scene.

The backdrops of Europe and Kashmir were gorgeous, and I felt that I was transported out of the US into a world wide espionage tour. Tom Cruise outshone the younger Henry Cavill in every scene, but Cavill, nonetheless, did a great job in acting out the CIA agent, Walker.  Angela Bassette played a solid role as well as the CIA head, and Alex Baldwin was flawless as he usually is in this particular role.

This movie focused on the importance of relationships and humanity.  In this film, the viewer can truly appreciate Ethan Hunt’s loyalty towards his team of Benji (played by Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames); this loyalty actually gets the team in a situation that threatens the lives of Ethan’s two lady loves (a love triangle!), Ilsa (played by Rebecca Ferguson) and Julia (played by Michelle Monaghan).

The one chapter of this movie that could have been left out would be the interaction between Ethan Hunt and the “White Widow” (played by the beautiful Vanessa Kirby), a terrorist associated broker.  Although entertaining, I felt that the entire interaction made the love triangle even more confusing, and the chapter could have been expanded upon in a future Mission Impossible film.

All in all, I rate this movie highly.  For the younger generation, there is some blood-stained violence and intermittent use of bad language (although used sparingly, but the “F-word” is present once).  I recommend this film for teens and adults.



Tom Cruise during a motorcycle chase


Cavill and Basset in Paris


The IMF team


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