Review of “Food Network Star: Making a Pilot” aired on July 29, 2018


I am a huge fan of the “Food Network Star” series, recently airing on Sunday nights on the Food Network. This season is coming to an end with just one episode, the finale, left to air on August 4, 2018.

I saw the last episode last night, and I was surprised at the winner of “Star Salvation” and the contestant that ended up going home! SPOILER ALERT! ****

So far, I am a huge fan of the finalists from this season. It is hard for me to pick a favorite, since I think Manny is adorable and a great cook, Christian is funny and flawless, and Amy is down-to-earth and relatable.  What came as a shocker was the reintroduction of contestant, Jess Tom, into the mix.  She won Star Salvation this season (a show on that was airing in the past few weeks.  To me, Jess came across as snobby and arrogant during the initial episodes of Food Network Star, and, despite her obvious cooking chops and knowledge, ended up going home towards the latter half of the season.  I was not surprised, since she seemed as far from relatable as can be.  However, during Star Salvation, she seemed to realize that she needed an attitude adjustment (thankfully!).  During last night’s episode, Jess came off looking polished and “real”.  Giada and Bobby , the two judges, were so impressed at the change that they gave Jess the pilot opportunity instead of Amy.  Amy, who I had loved up until the most recent episodes, began coming across as nervous and lacking confidence.  It seemed that she may have had some personal issues contributing to her recent changes and lack of improvement; therefore, she was sent home.

It will be interesting to see who will win the official Finale.  My money is on either Manny or Christian–both of whom I absolutely adore!  However, Christian seems the more experienced and polished of the two , and I feel that he would come up with a better show.  The Food Network current repertoire of shows are coming down to competitions or hosted tours of various restaurants/drive ins/dives instead of true cooking shows. I think that Christian will change that, and be able to come up with an entertaining and enjoyable Italian cooking show.  Food Network really needs a good Italian show for us home cooks with families.  The only current Italian host is Giada, the host of the Food Network show.  She is , in one word, boring. Giada’s current line up of shows have been boring and superficial; her dishes never seem easy for the home cook (nor are they appealing), and the camera on her Italian shows seem too focused on her cleavage than on her actual dishes!


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