Review of “The Real Michael Swann”


I checked out this book from my local library upon recommendation from one of my Facebook reading groups.  I enjoy mysteries and thrillers, and this one was right up my alley!

It is a page-turner, and Bryan Reardon, the author, intertwines tales of the main characters’ past and events leading up to their current marital state with the present crisis.  It is definitely a current novel with the main event being something that is both horrific yet frighteningly probable in our lives.


The novel focuses on the question of whether or not we can truly know someone. The main character, Julie Swann, feels like she knows her husband and her unwavering trust in him is admirable, especially in light of his involvement in a recent terrorist attack.  The novel leads the reader to question the innocence of Michael Swann and how he may have been led into terrorism.  However, towards the end of the novel, the reader even begins to question the innocence of Julie Swann, whom the reader had utmost faith in from the beginning.  This explains the roller coaster ride of “The Real Michael Swann”.  It’s writing style is simplistic, and the ending is disappointing (at least to me).  I would to love to hear about any of my blog readers’ opinions on this novel!

Click on this link to read it for yourself!  //


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