Review of Woodloch Pines, A Family Resort in the Poconos

woodlochWoodloch Pines is definitely a unique vacation experience and one I highly recommend for families.  It reminds me of an upscale family summer camp.  Once you arrive at Woodloch, you are immediately greeted by warm, friendly staff members at check in.  They provide you with a schedule of activities during the day as well as inform you of the all-day access to the beach by the lake, water sports, swimming pool and indoor water slides.  In addition, Woodloch also has all-day access to go carts, a climbing wall, batting cage (for fee), and provides opportunities for zip lining and paint ball (also for an additional fee).

The lake is simply gorgeous!  Sitting beside it or even kayaking on it is very peaceful.  The kids have a blast swimming in it and diving off the platforms into the diving hole.  There are a variety of water activities that are included in the price such as paddle boarding, kayaking and even sailing.  For teens and adults, daily water skiing is offered as well.  My son tried water skiing for the first time and had a ball!  It is definitely a hard skill to learn, but he grasped the concept quickly and laughed during his many falls!  woodloch4


Depending on what you order before check-in, you are either on a two-meal plan or a three-meal plan. Our family opted for the two-meal plan , mainly because we usually eat a light lunch and could grab a sandwich at the beach by the lake easily.  The breakfast is served during the morning and is a sit-down meal.  There are usually 3 entrees served (eggs, pancakes, breakfast meats) along with a baked item (such as coffee cake or muffins), a variety of fresh fruits, cereals and bagels/breads.  Coffee and tea along with milk and juice and limitless.  Each family is assigned to the same table during their stay, and they usually have the same waiter as well.  This makes it easier on the family since they know exactly where to sit, and the waiter is also familiar with their meal preferences. Dinner is served in a similar manner as well, and the entrees are preceded by a salad and soup course and followed by a hot dessert course.  There is always a vegetarian option at breakfast and dinner (very thoughtful) along with gluten free options.  A variety of ice creams and puddings are also offered in addition to the hot dessert.  Warm drinks such as hot chocolate, teas, etc. are also offered to cap off the dinner.  Alcoholic beverages and specialty coffee drinks are an additional fee.  The resort also has an on-site coffee shop that resembles a Starbucks but the food/drinks are an additional fee. There is also an outdoor barbeque with an outdoor street carnival at lunchtime at least once a week that is part of the Woodloch social calendar.


Outside of the indoor and outdoor pools, indoor water slide, lake and its activities, what makes Woodloch truly stand out are the scheduled family activities.  They range from simple Bingo games to Double Dare (outdoor messy obstacles that resemble the TV game show from Nickelodean).  We participated in several family games during the day, and looked forward to checking out the daily schedule every morning at breakfast.  Family olympics and Double dare were the main two that stood out for us, since they were fun, outdoor, team building activities!  Team trivia on TV shows, music, etc. and Family feud were other types of activities that were indoors in case the weather was either too hot or rainy for a family.  These activities are awesome and so fun!  In this day and age of technology and phone addiction, Woodloch provides a refreshing change of pace!  I highly recommend this resort for all families.



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