Review of “Behind Closed Doors”

8_182016_behind-closed-doors8201_c1-0-2933-1710_s885x516Behind Closed Doors is a thriller.  It is about the main character, Grace, marrying Jack Angel in , what I thought, a whirlwind romance.  Grace had not had any long term suitors due to her dependent sister having Down’s syndrome.  Jack , on other the hand, seemed to embrace Millie, Grace’s sister, and understood that the two of them were a package deal. Millie had been in a group home but the plan was for her to eventually move in with Grace. It seems that part of Grace’s attraction to Jack was his loving attitude toward Millie.  His profession involves, ironically, the defense of battered women which makes him more attractive as well.

However, immediately after the wedding, Jack’s colors changed.  The truth comes out during their honeymoon when Jack reveals to Grace that he is, in fact, a sadistic psychopath.  Jack keeps Grace trapped in his home, literally, with him controlling all aspects of her life including access to food, water, and clothing.  She is unable to escape and is worried what Jack would do to Millie if Grace tried to escape and was caught.  Jack’s plan is to have Millie reside in a windowless room, completely painted in red including the floor and ceiling and “decorated” with pictures (painted by Grace under duress) of battered women.

Despite the entrapment that both the reader and Grace felt, the ending of the book was satisfying.  Even though Grace dreams of escaping or killing Jack, she is unable to go through with any plan.  It takes Millie giving her hidden sleeping pills for Grace to come up with a successful plan to finally escape.It was ironic that Millie eventually ended up helping Grace escape when Grace had always been Millie’s caretaker up until that point.   I enjoyed the author’s temporary empowerment of Millie, and how Grace was able to take back her life by “trapping” Jack as he had trapped her.

This book makes the reader think about relationships and people’s natures in general.  It is scary to see how easily Grace fell into Jack’s trap and his persona of a “nice guy”.  t Grace became what a “battered” woman becomes–frightened and powerless.  For a reader, it is frightening to see what a human being can be reduced to by a psychopath.  It makes the reader re-think entering into new relationships without truly vetting the person!

This is one book that I could not put down. It had a basic plot, but was definitely a page-turner!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this book! Here is a link so you can read it for yourself! //


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