Review of “The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place” by Alan Bradley (a Flavia de Luce novel)


Flavia de Luce does it again, this time with book #9 in the Alan Bradley series.  The precocious tween girl is on  summer vacation in this novel.  It starts off with Flavia lazily dragging her hand in the water on a boat ride when her hand catches the mouth of a dead body.  From the very beginning of the novel, Flavia is off to solve the mystery if the dead body was a suicide or a murder.  Alan Bradley definitely intertwines quirky characters into the plot such as the members of a traveling circus team, a faded actress, and a police inspector as Flavia sets about determining who the murderer is of three church-going senior women as well as the dead body, now known as the son of the preacher of the same church.  She suspects that the murders are connected and is determined to solve the crimes despite the nuisance of the police inspector.  What is most interesting of this novel is the attention given to Dogger, his past, and what is possibly a romantic relationship.

All in all, I recommend this book and seeing Flavia in action with her impressive knowledge of chemistry.  The chemistry between Dogger and Flavia is enjoyable, and their detective partnership is enjoyable.

Click on this link to start reading this book!


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