Review of “Surprise Me” by Sophie Kinsella


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I really enjoyed this book! Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors due to the fact that she is simply hilarious!  I love books based in England, especially contemporary novels, and enjoy her writing style immensely. It is one of those books that is a light beach read but also makes you stop and think about relationships.

The main character, Sylvie, has been married to her husband, Dan, for ten years and have had two adorable daughters who seem to be the center of their lives.  During a physical examination by their physician (where both of them are present), the doctor tells the couple that they are so healthy that they have at least 68 years of life more to spend together.

Dan and Sylvie take the “68 years” as a rude awakening of marital longevity.  Sylvie starts to freak out that Dan will get bored of her and can’t tolerate living with her for another 68 years.  I like the fact that she tells Dan of her fears of marital boredom, so they both decide to give each other “surprises” to spice up their marriage.  The surprises can consist of restaurant dates, funny gifts or even boudoir photo shoots gone wrong.  Along the way, Sylvie realises that the “surprises” may not be all rainbows and roses as she discovers a scandal that threatens to unravel her solid marriage.

In true Kinsella fashion, the novel is sprinkled with zany characters and comedic “Lucille Ball-like” scenes.  While making the reader laugh out loud, Kinsella also makes the reader contemplate the life span of marriage and its foundation of trust. Highly recommend!

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