Baked in Vermont–one of my new favorite baking shows!

Baked in Vermont

Have you all seen the new Food Network show, “Baked in Vermont”?

Let me tell you–it is one of the better shows on the network at the moment.  Most of the shows on the network are Chopped wannabes—they are based on cooking competitions with celebrity chefs.  Even though I am a fan of Chopped,  I feel that there are too many competition shows on the network.  They all seem to run together, and I found myself scrolling through the menu on the TV to find an actual cooking or baking show that was interesting.  Outside of Pioneer Woman and the non-renewed Southern at Heart (starring one of my favorite Food Network personalities due to her genuine warmth and interesting personality, Damaris Phillips), there aren’t too many cooking shows that are actually worth watching until I found “Baked in Vermont”.

“Baked in Vermont” is a more recent offering from the network, and I truly enjoy the host and baker, Gesine Prado.  I think a huge part of her charm is the fact that she sincerely loves baking and her enthusiasm comes across the television screen.  She also gives several valuable baking tips and even gave one on cooking soft scrambled eggs ( I had not seen or heard of this tip anywhere, and it made my picky younger son eat and enjoy eggs in the mornings).

Her recipes are for dishes that I would actually make for my family, and none of them are too complicated or call for strange ingredients that one wouldn’t have on hand in their pantry.  The one exception was a recipe for soft cinnamon crumble buns that required instant mashed potato flakes (!) –I found that one funny but , needless to say, after seeing how yummy the buns looked on TV, I put instant mashed potato flakes on my grocery list for that week.

Gesine lives in Vermont, and I like the geographic aspect of the show as well. It almost resembles Barefoot Contessa in its premise, especially how Gesine cooks for her husband, Ray.  The main difference between the two shows is that Gesine is much more down-to-earth, and her recipes consist of dishes that require dough or pastry of some kind.

If you are a baker or even a fan of cooking shows, I highly recommend that you give “Baked in Vermont” a go.  You will not be disappointed.  I foresee Gesine Prado reaching to great celebrity heights!


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