Review of Darrow and Darrow 2 on the Hallmark Channel

Review of Darrow and Darrow 2

So, here I am reviewing yet another Hallmark series/movie.  What can I say? I really love the channel, especially the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series.  I am not a fan of gruesome scenes and storylines focused on rape and sexual abuse, so I feel that the Hallmark mysteries are more my cup of tea.

I was not going to watch the second Darrow and Darrow, since I felt that the first one left me wanting.  It was not a polished movie, and I did not feel that it introduced the characters as well as the writers/editors could have.  The story line seemed clipped and didn’t interest me. In fact, the main character of Kimberly Williams-Paisley (who I adored from the “Father of the Bride” movies with Steven Martin) did not seem likeable.

However, given that Darrow and Darrow 1 was one of the few Hallmark mysteries that disappointed me, I wanted to give the second one a second chance!  This one was much more refined with a more interesting story line to keep the viewers (namely me) engaged.

I enjoy the acting of Tom Cavanaugh and Wendy Malick immensely, and these two actors did not disappoint.  Kimberly Williams-Paisley was still a bit “cardboard-ish” but has improved since the first movie.  She does have to work to match Tom Cavanaugh’s chemistry and natural likeability, especially since they are in so many scenes together.  Wendy Malick is superb, and I wish she was in more movies.  She seems to carry off a scene with the most minimalistic effort.

The plot revolved around Tom Cavanaugh’s step sister, a singer, being accused of murding her former record producer.  It is a basic plotline, but the character actors did a great job even with their small roles. For those fans of Signed, Sealed and Delivered, you will recognize the actor Geoff Gustafson who plays a side yet pivotal role in this movie.  The plot was , unfortunately, predictable but it had a small added twist at the end.  I feel that the acting of the main two characters and the addition of Gustafson are what made the movie, and I am looking forward to more in the future. This second addition established the characters well and laid the groundwork for many future mysteries. I just wish Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s acting skills can match her co-stars….maybe something else to look forward to!

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