Review of “Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery” on the Hallmark channel

I am a lover of mystery novels and had included “cozy mysteries” in my repertoire of nightly reading a few years ago.  Part of my reading included Kate Carlisle’s bibliophile series and the fixer upper series.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a preview of “Fixer Upper” mysteries on the Hallmark channel! Of course, I had to watch them and see how the cast lived up the characters in the books.  Fortunately, the movies that they had made were not from the particular books in the series that I had read (I admit it–I haven’t read every book in the series!), so I wouldn’t have to compare them. In the past, the books almost always outperformed the movies in my mind, but I think this is a commonly held belief among most readers!

The latest movie in the Fixer Upper series is titled “Deadly Deed” starring Jewel as the protagonist, Shannon, and Colin Ferguson as the love interest.  His character in the series is a writer, so, needless to say, the character is dear to my heart!

I enjoyed the plot, and it wasn’t an easy who-dun-it to figure out like some other mystery movies. In this movie, Shannon has taken on a charity project to renovate a Victorian mansion which is to be converted into apartments for low-income families.  She recruits Colin Ferguson as well as her loyal local friends to help with the project.  A local banker, one who was antagonistic to the charitable project, is found dead in the home, and Shannon takes it upon herself to find out the murderer.

The plot is full of twists and turns, and I do not get bored during the movie at all. I enjoy the chemistry between Colin and Jewel, and I like the fact that the film makers brought in two teens to help engage the younger viewing audience.

Jewel is gorgeous throughout the movie and exhibits an innocence which is rare among lead female actresses.  However, her glamorous beauty and feminine outfits, although downplayed with natural makeup and mute outfit color choices, are a bit discordant with her occupation as a contractor.  Colin Ferguson is a natural at his role, and I would love to see him as lead roles in other Hallmark movies.

All in all, I highly recommend this particular Hallmark movie for its plot twists and challenges that keep the viewer guessing until the end.  This series is definitely one of the better mystery series on Hallmark.

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