Review of the Good Witch 2018 Series on the Hallmark Channel

Review of the Good Witch Series on the Hallmark Channel, spring 2018 season

Has anyone been watching the Good Witch series on the Hallmark channel?  If so, you may be aware that they just started their new spring season last weekend.  It airs on Sunday nights, and I have been watching the series since the first episode.  I enjoy the series as a relaxing break on Sunday nights before the work week begins.

However, the series is not for everyone.  If I’m being truly honest, it can be a bit slow.  I am more of a fan of mystery series but do love my cozy Hallmark movies!  However, unlike Hallmark movies that tend to have a conflict in the latter half of the movie (that always tends to get resolved to have the happy ending!), the plot conflicts that were present in the Good Witch movies are rarely present in the one hour episodes.  There are a few tense moments involving romantic relationships, but I am disappointed that the magic and mystery behind the plots of the movies are not in the series.

For the series to be named “Good Witch” , I thought that there would be more of a magical element to the stories. Instead, the “Good Witch” , Cassie, is a very kind, thoughtful human being who tends to think in the best interest of others.  She pulls the town together and tends to help solve problems, but she rarely uses “magic” to solve issues.  Her cousin, Abigail, started off as a more “evil witch” but again, that persona has petered out, and Abigail seems more mischevious than evil.

I enjoy the side characters, especially those of the teenagers (Cassie’s daughter and her romantic interest, Sam’s son) and the mixed friendship/competition between Abigail and Stephanie, the bakery owner.  I think these side stories are what makes me come back to the series.  That, and the premise of a happy-ending story in a small town atmosphere.

The first episode of the series did center around the search for a perfect engagement ring for Cassie but that was not the interesting part for me.  Instead, I liked the development of the side story of Stephanie dealing with a recent break up and the dissolution of the friendship between the two teenage characters.

I am hoping that the writers will add more of a magic element to the series so that it stands out among the many Hallmark movies and series that also have happy-endings in a small town.  Otherwise, the “Good Witch” may just end up as another “face in the crowd”, so to speak.


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