Review of Iron Chef Gauntlet on the Food Network

Have you all every watched Iron Chef Gauntlet?  I started watching it last year during the first season, and I fell in love with the thrill of its competition. It is a bit different than the other popular Food Network show, Chopped, in that this is more of a battle between the best of the best.  Each of the chefs are highly qualified and excellent in their culinary skills, and they strive to attain one of the most prestigious titles in the cooking world (per popularity).   The premise is also different than Chopped.

The show consists of two parts; the first part is when the chefs compete in a Chairman’s Challenge that is judged by the host, Alton Brown.  The winner of this round then has the daunting task of picking one of the other chefs to compete in the second half of the show.  The second half is the “Secret Ingredient Showdown” where the loser of the Chairman’s Challenge and the nominated chef compete against each other by preparing three dishes , each featuring a secret ingredient. a

Since the show is a series where you see the same faces week by week, the chefs become familiar to you, and you start rooting for your favorite.  Mine was Chef Lefavre from the beginning, mainly because he genuinely seemed like a “nice guy”.  Most of the chefs shown on TV seem to be either stern, temperamental or just plain boring.  Chef Lefavre seems like the type of guy who you wouldn’t be surprised helping his neighbor out with a home project or being a fun dad to his kids.  He seemed down-to-earth.  Maybe that’s why I was surprised to find out that he actually was the last one standing at the end of the competition.  I always thought that the “nice guy” finished last on these type of shows, but I was glad that I was wrong.  Needless to say, all of the competitors were extremely hard working and skilled.  I had thought that Chef Gomez was going to reign supreme, but she was out-cooked at the end.

Based on the dishes he created on the show, he definitely proved his mettle and showed that he deserved to win.  He still has to get through the “gauntlet” part of the competition next week, when he has to battle three established Iron Chefs.  However, I have a feeling that he will be a shining star of “kindness” in addition to talent among his fellow colleagues deserving the title of “Iron Chef”.


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