Splitting Up Together—review of sitcom


Ok , everyone….is it just me, or is this sitcom just plain weird? It is about a couple who have decided to get divorced but to still live on the same property , raising their three kids on alternate weeks.  I get the alternate weeks—that is realistic.  But, on the same property?  The one who’s responsible for the kid week stays in the main home (which is absolutely beautiful, by the way) and other one lives in their stand-alone garage apartment which looks like a mildew-infested, no central air dump.  Due to a mortgage issue (which was never completely explained–why not sell the home and rent two apartments?), Lena and Martin (the divorced couple) choose this type of living arrangement.

I have seen the main two actors in previous sitcoms (“The Office”!!!!), but I feel that Jenna Fischer should have chosen a better sitcom to exhibit her comedic talents.  It is hard to believe that a divorced couple can get along so well and that the children remain so unaffected by the situation.  The sitcom almost appears as if two roomies have adopted three kids.  The relationship between Jenna and Martin seems flirty and happily-married like rather than that between a recently divorced couple.  I get that their divorce was a mutual and amicable one, but why did Martin want to get back together with Lena so badly in the first few episodes?  I don’t know many freshly divorced men who want to get back together with their wife so soon , especially when it is not explained well (ahem, writers?).  Lena’s new boyfriend and Martin’s new girlfriend (Lisa Apple, who is a recurring side character on the show with minimal personality) seem to be only “written in” to cause conflict and interest in the storylines, but these attempts fall flat.

I’m not sure why the story line is so unrealistic, and why the sitcom seems to be more made for a two hour movie (like Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn’s “The Break Up”) rather than a long-running sitcom.  Maybe the writers didn’t think the series would get renewed? I don’t blame them since I was surprised that it was picked up for a second season, especially since the more well-thought-out and interesting sitcom, Alex, Inc, didn’t get a second chance!  Oh well–this sitcom is not for the viewers who want to come home after a hard day and watch a show that makes them laugh and relax.  It’s more of a show for us bloggers to criticize since there are so many errors!




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