Finale of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship

Anyone out there truly love to bake?   There is something about getting my hands dirty in flour, eggs and sugar that makes me smile.  Baking offers me a time of peace and contentment that is hard for me to get especially when I am in the midst of whatever life throws at me—chauffering kids around from school or basketball practice, working at the office, making a frenzied dinner, and leaving the grocery store as I remember I forgot the milk.  There is something about watching butter and sugar come together into a fluffy mass of velvet that makes everything slow down around me.

Outside of the time that I actually bake, I try to spend some time in the evenings before bedtime either catching up on reading or scrolling through my DVR to catch up on my favorite shows.  One of my favorite shows this season was on the Food Network, and it was the Spring Baking Championship.

It has already run several seasons, and my tween son and I tend to watch it together.  We always end up rooting for the same person to win it all at the end, but what we really love are the intricate recipes and designs that each baker uses to produce their creations.  They all seem to truly enjoy what they do, and I use their passion as an example for my son to try and do what you love so that it doesn’t seem like work.


For this season’s finale, my tween and I were rooting for Nacho to win it all, but, deep down in our hearts, we didn’t expect him to win.  He was definitely the underdog, but a lovable underdog at that!  He seemed so innocent and genuine, and his love for his wife was heartfelt.  To our surprise, he started off slow but , week after week, his baking ingenuity seemed to get better and better.  Needless to say, we were really happy when Nacho won it all!


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