What I thought of the finale of the Middle


Anyone out there a fan of the television show, The Middle? It is a long-run sitcom that aired on ABC but syndications are now running on the Hallmark channel.  I really enjoy Patricia Heaton’s character on the show, named Frankie.  She is truly down-to-earth and “real” as a mom and wife.  I think I like her Frankie character much better than her older character on “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Her chemistry with her husband, Mike, a stoic yet lovable character is right on point, and her interactions with her three very different kids are comedic and true to form for a mom of teenagers.  Frankie and Mike have three kids, and the series have been about how the five of them have adventures and comedic episodes on life’s journey. If you have not seen this show, I highly recommend it, and you will not be bored. It is not something to have to “binge watch” to catch up on.  The only premise is that Brick is a child of heightened intelligence and quirks, but the viewer can easily figure it out even if if he/she hasn’t watched any previous shows.


The finale handled the one loose end of the show very well with Sean (the Heck family’s neighbor’s son) and Sue ,Frankie’s college daughter, ending up getting together (finally!).  I thought it was cute that the last few minutes of the show featured what the family was like several years into the future.  It was sad that Axl, the oldest son (now a college graduate and businessman), decided to leave the hometown of Orson, Indiana and move all the way to Denver.  Much of the episode was devoted to Frankie handling the typical mom emotions of her oldest child finally leaving the nest.  What was a bit disappointing is that the show’s focus on the mom’s emotions were similar to a prior episode of Frankie coping with Axl’s high school graduation in a similar manner (albeit this episode, her emotional outbursts were, thankfully, more refined and less like those of a lunatic).  Even though the latter part of the finale showed the family driving Axl to Denver, the last few minutes of the show brought everything together.  Axl was now married to Lexie who was shown pregnant, Sue and Sean got married, and Frankie and Mike were still a happily (although realistic) married couple.

This show is a very “happy”, time-pass show of life with teenagers without focusing on “heavy” topics like divorce, drugs, teen pregnancy, etc.  It is a true family show and will make most mothers laugh at Frankie’s situations.  Highly recommend!


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