Review of “Avengers Infinity War”

c812c-avengersSo, it’s Friday, April 27, 2018, and my teenager had been super excited to go to the opening day showing of Avengers Infinity War with his buddies.  Our whole family are avid Marvel fans, but I had to chauffeur my younger son to his Friday afternoon activities instead of watching the movie as well.  We both had decided to watch it later on in the weekend (if tickets were available) or the following weekend.  To our surprise, one of my younger son’s activities was cancelled and it left us with our Friday evening free.  Having our Friday evening free without tennis or football is rare for us, and I wanted to take advantage of it.  I immediately logged onto Fandango and found out that tickets to the Avengers wasn’t as hard to get as people were saying. I bought us two tickets and we made our way through Friday night traffic to our local theater.

This is one movie that I strongly advise you to use the bathroom and buy snacks before the movie begins.  I usually have to use the bathroom during a movie, especially one as long as this one (2 hours, 40 minutes running time), but I’m glad I went beforehand.

The movie definitely starts off with a bang, and we stayed riveted in our seats the entire time.  This is one of the best Marvel movies, and I definitely recommend that you watch the prior Marvel movies before seeing this one so that you will understand all of the intricacies in the plot.

I loved the fact that it effortlessly blended the casts of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy without a hitch.  This movie is typical of other Marvel movies in that it had humor to lighten up the dark side of the storyline.  I think the humor definitely makes the Marvel movies have an edge over the DC movies, for sure.

The villain, Thanos, was a very well developed character, and the acting by Josh Brolin was superb; you could see his emotional struggles as he validated his goal of genocide and universal dominance.  The family conflict between father-daughter was melanoncholy, and, if you go with younger children, be sure to be aware that you may have to have family discussions regarding certain scenes.

The plot was thrilling, to say the least! The action packed battles were numerous and enjoyable, and the one-liners were hilarious.  I loved all of the familiar characters, but I really enjoyed watching the banter between Robert Downey, Jr (Iron Man) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange).  I am a huge fan of Benedict from Sherlock and hope to see him in future movies. The chemistry between Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Christ Pratt (Quill) was entertaining and definitely laugh out loud funny.  Each of the characters was given plenty of screen time, and no matter who you are a fan of, you will not be disappointed.

The end is definitely dark but not surprising considering all of the spoilers out there on the web.  However, be sure to wait for the scene after the credits.  It offers hope in the face of despair, and it makes you look forward to the next Marvel movies.  Fortunately, the next Avengers is only a year away, so I am most truly looking forward to it!


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