Review of Board Game “Machi Koro”

My “tween-aged” son came home from a friend’s home one day raving about a new game that he had learned about.  He said it was “awesome” and his friends played it for “hours”.  This is definitely a rave review coming from a boy who lives for video games!  He asked me to buy the game for the family for our family game nights that had recently fallen off of our weekly schedule (due to basketball practices, late dinners, the lure of Netflix and just sheer exhaustion!).

We had our first family game when my brother and his two nieces (ages 8 and 10 years) were visiting us.  I wasn’t sure if the younger one would catch on, but she definitely did and had us scrambling for funds and developments during the the game!

Machi Koro is a game for 2-5 players and is relatively fast paced.  It kind of reminded me of a “faster” Monopoly when everyone already has all of their properties and are trying to make their opponents bankrupt while increasing their own revenue.  In Machi Koro, your goal is to build a city and develop all of your unconstructed landmarks (before your opponents do) using your luck by rolling dice and strategizing which developments to purchase and when.  Earning money and having your opponents lose money doesn’t hurt either.

I am notoriously picky about board games and prefer to play ones that keep my attention and use more strategy instead of luck.  Machi Koro uses a combination of strategy and luck, and , my attention was riveted during the entire one hour game!  I thought it was also impressive that my two nieces and son didn’t get bored or take needless bathroom and snack breaks!

I highly recommend this board game and feel that it is worth every penny, especially in today’s day and age of technology and social media.  Weekly board game nights are a great way to entertain the whole family and strike up converations and laughter!

Here is the link to try this game out yourself! You are going to love it!




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